Sports Radio Shows Grow Brands When Simulcast On TV.

Here’s the pitch: If you want to take best advantage of the increasing audience demand for sports radio talk, simulcasting the show on TV is a big win. On Monday, Inside Radio looks at this growing arrangement which works out well for AM/FM, TV and advertising brands—but only if the radio content itself is compelling.

Colin Cowherd, Ryen Russillo, Dan Le Batard and several other national and regional sports names have made this visual transition, to great effect. But, says Scott Shapiro, VP of Sports Programming for iHeartMedia’s Premiere Networks, the key to a successful TV simulcast is ahigh-quality radio show as its source. “If the content of the show is great and works on radio, it should work on TV as well.

Deep down, what makes [‘The Herd With Colin Cowherd’] great is [Cowherd’s] ability to inform, entertain and relate.” The net-net hope of the equation: to push the show’s reach across platforms and be a great advertising lure. “For all sides, it extends the brands and offers up another key distribution point,” said sports media consultant David Pearlman of Pearlman Advisors. Get the whole story in our two-part Inside Story feature coming on Monday.

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