It’s “lights out” for the online stream of “92.5 Maxima FM” WYUU in Nielsen’s latest Tampa ratings. As expected, the webcast for the Beasley Media Group Spanish CHR vanished from Week 1 of the March PPM ratings after Nielsen removed a household it said contributed “substantial listening” to the stream.

The WYUU webcast didn’t meet minimum reporting requirements for showing in the first weekly ratings for the March survey, according to local subscribers. This after the webcast finished first in persons 18-34 and women 18-34 and tied for first place among men 18-34 in the February monthly survey.

Week 1 March ratings for WYUU’s over-the-air broadcast also fell among 18-34-year-olds, from a ninth-place tie in February to a tie for 16th in the new weekly.

The webcast’s ratings disappearance was expected after Nielsen said in mid-March that it removed the questionable household, which it identified as a four-person home in which all members were Hispanic persons aged 18-54. “These factors created a ratings outlier that does not represent the market’s overall listening behavior,” Nielsen explained.

While the home met Nielsen’s minimum compliance requirements in January and February, it “displayed signs of deviation from our norms for meter wear,” Nielsen said without elaborating on what the deviations were or when they occurred.

As a result of the Tampa snafu, Nielsen disclosed preliminary plans to identify “outliers” and mitigate their effect on the ratings.

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