RAB Report: Radio Is Ideal Reach Medium For Mom.

With Mother’s Day 10 days away, a pair of new industry reports offer account execs fresh ammo for pitching prospects on radio’s ability to reach this crucial consumer segment of decision makers, multi-taskers and media junkies. Moms yield $2.5 trillion in annual buying power, and the Radio Advertising Bureau drills down into the group in its latest report.

The RAB’s Radio Impact Report looks at moms, who make purchasing decisions not just for themselves but for the entire household. First and foremost, they listen to radio—AM/FM radio is the top reach platform among moms 18-49, according to Nielsen’s Q3 2016 Total Audience Report. In fact, AM/FM radio reaches 26.9 million moms weekly, 19% more than TV.

“Moms are an incredibly influential group of consumers who control the purse strings, mention specific brand names at least 73 times per week and are hard to reach because they are constantly on the go,” the RAB report says. No medium reaches mom closer to her point of purchase than radio with 71% of listening among moms 18-49 occurring out of the home, 77% for working moms.

But to think of these influential consumers as a homogeneous group would be a mistake, the report shows. There are stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, working moms, new moms, moms of older children and late bloomer moms.

When it comes to crafting ad creative that resonates with mom, research from Women Supporting Women, as reported by Mediapost, found the majority of women (60%) feel less than supported in their personal and professional life. Supportive messaging can help humanize a brand or company while establishing an emotional connection with consumers, the study found. The Women Supporting Women research also reveals that moms identify themselves through a lens of family and children but are sometimes overwhelmed by the variety of choices, so they turn to communities of moms for help.

For example, 64% of moms ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product and 63% of moms consider other moms the most credible experts when they have questions. “One of the many ways marketers can help alleviate the stress on moms is to help them lean in to groups of like-minded peers—sisterhood communities if you will—and radio can help them do this through content, community and personalities,” the RAB report says. Citing a new study from Edison Research, the report suggests that messages to moms should appeal to their optimistic side rather than reminding them of their everyday chaos.

Edison has more research on moms and their media habits teed up in a webinar on May 11. Taken from the Infinite Dial study conducted with Triton Digital, “Moms and Media 2017” will explore the mobile lifestyle of moms in the U.S. and how they engage with technology and modern media. The report includes new tracking data about social networking, mobile device ownership, internet usage and online radio. It will also highlight expanded podcast data and explore how much interest moms have in smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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