Bruce Bond Leaves WTPA After Trump-Bashing Backlash.

Controversial talk show host Bruce Bond has resigned from Patrick Sickafus-owned rock WTPA (92.1) Harrisburg, PA after being told by station management to no longer talk disrespectful of President Donald Trump. Up until his resignation, Bond hosted a Saturday morning talk show on the station.

Bond posted a letter from general manager/program director Tim Michaels on his Facebook page telling the host the station has gotten a backlash and threats of a boycott from advertisers. “I have asked you previously to cease political discussion,” the letter read. “If this cannot be achieved, we will have no choice to discontinue the show.”

“I certainly didn’t want to leave,” Bond told “Being in that studio, it was perfect. And I’m very sad that that couldn’t continue.”

“I’ll make it clear and concise: Bruce resigned, we have accepted his resignation, and we wish him well,” Michaels told the website. “That’s basically my comment on Bruce.”

Accompanying the posted letter from Michaels was Bond’s comment that read in part, “I’m sorry that there is this really ugly political environment in this country with the current President,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, Central PA can’t handle someone as liberal & brutally honest as I can be quite often.”

No stranger to controversy, Bond—a market veteran who programmed and hosted on WNNK through the ‘90s —had his show pulled off the air on occasion, with charges filed against him from a former cohost, fines levied against the station and an eventual firing in 2001. He spent time on WRKZ until his program was cancelled in 2004. In 2008 he was indicted on charges, including attempted grand larceny, identity theft and possession of forging materials regarding a $4.3 million forged-check scheme. He was found guilty and served two years in prison.

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